Our Trains in Action

This page gives views of trains on various sections of the track.

first train on track
1.  The first test run on the newly laid track.  Note that at this time the lawn was still in place and the breeze blocks are still visible.

first train from sidings
2.  The first train to come out of the sidings.  These were constructed with the help of Jack, our (at the time) 10 year old grandson.

train on viaduct
3.  A train crossing the viaduct with the shrubbery giving a very colourful background.  The only problem is that the shrubs have grown since this picture was taken and they need cutting back quite frequently.

train in sidings
4.  A train sitting in the sidings at the end of a test run.

first train on the completed track
5.  The first train on the completed trackwork.  The lawn has now been replaced by six tons of stone.  The track still has to be ballasted.

three coach train
6.  Our First Steam Engine, Lady Anne from Roundhouse hauling the three coach train.  All the coaches are from IP Engineering.  Their individual photographs under Rolling Stock at pictures 4, 7 and 10.

goods train
7.  Lady Anne again, this time with a rake of all our goods wagons.  Photographs of the individual wagons can be seen under Rolling Stock at pictures 2, 12, 5, 6, 11 and 3.

light engine
8.  Lady Anne in full steam running 'light engine' at the back of the pub.  The photograph was taken by our elder son whilst I was 'driving'.

timber train
9.  A full load of timber.  It required the combined efforts of two locomotives to haul this load even though the gradients are not too steep.

waiting trains
10.  Two trains waiting to depart from the sidings.  A passenger train in the background and a ballast train (with workmen's coach) in the foreground.

through train
11.  A through passenger train hauled by Jackie.  The coaching stock is a mixture of IP kits.

train on viaduct
12.  A passenger train crossing the viaduct hauled by Buadaity.  The coaching stock is a mixture of IP and Brandbright kits in the new livery.

IP Eeze Build
13.  The IP Eeze Build range (see Rolling Stock 33 to 36) passing the station behind Buadaity.