Our People

The figures are from Brandbright and Model World. There has been a bit of 'shaping' and all have been hand painted by the directors.

train crew
1.  The train crew (from Brandbright) standing by Raven, a battery operated locomotive from Perfect World.  This loco would eventually acquire a number and a name.  See the picture in Rolling Stock.

first class passengers
2.  The passengers in the 1st Class coach made from an IP Engineering model with Brandbright figures.  The upholstered seats and photographs of landscapes can also be seen.  Note the PC character on the right.

bobby in box
3.  The bobby spends a lot of his time in the Thunderbox at the back of the signal cabin!  The model is from Model Town.

waiting passengers
4.  These two from Model Town have been waiting an awfully long time for their train.

5.  The Clerestory coach without the roof showing some of the passengers and the green cushioned seats.  The pictures and mirrors on the compartment walls can also be seen.

goods guard
6.  Our latest employee is the Goods Guard.

work gang
7.  The work gang are ready - once the gofer has finished his snap!.

station master
8.  The Station Master is ready to send the next train on its way.

cleaning lady
9.  Mrs Mopp arrives ready to start her days work.