Other Models

The railway is not a 'Model Railway' but is more of a 'Railway of Models' some of which are not strictly to scale. But it is our railway - and we like it!

1.  A concrete barn purchased from Tux Craft by SWMBO.  Additional paintwork by the JOAT.

2.  A dilapidated barn built by our elder daughter and her family in a pottery class.

3.  A pigsty from a kit by Lineside Delights.  The stone wall has been scratch built from wood.

4.  The Wedding Party leave the church for photographs.

5.  A general view of the farmyard showing some of the 'other' models in situ. The cows and sheep were given to us by Megan, our eldest granddaughter, from her own toys.

wooden buildings
6.  Three wooden buildings given to us by our elder daughter.

garden shed
7.  The garden shed from Lineside Delights with the a view of part of the interior.  The wheelbarrow and the garden roller are from my collection of Dinky toys which was built up in the late forties and early fifties.

garden shed
8.  Another view of the garden shed showing more of the inside.

9.  Grandma's Cottage, named Willow Cottage by our eldest granddaughter, from Model Town.  The plants are made from string and shavings from the resin.

10.  A Railwayman's Cottage from a kit by British Outline Buildings.  Guttering and drainpipes from P & J Models.

local pub
11.  The local pub (from Lineside Delights) with a group of customers from Model Town.

12.  A pair of Railwayman's Cottages from British Outline Buildings.  Guttering and drainpipes from P & J Models.  We also have some doves from P & J Models so this was an excuse to scratch build the dovecote.

green house
13.  A scratch built greenhouse together with tomatoes and seedlings in trays on the staging.

street scene
14.  A view of part of the street scene showing the summerhouse.  We sit in here on summer evenings watching trains run.

15.  An overall view of the village showing the new street lights.

night scene
16.  A view of some of the village in the evening.  The buildings are lit by doctored solar powered garden lights.  The street lights are battery powered.

village shop
17.  A couple of cottages with the village shop and Post Office attached.  The building is based on a design from Nostalgic Miniatures and is constructed from Foamboard.  Nostalgic Miniatures also provided the windows and doors.  Guttering and Drainpipes are from P & J Models.

night scene
18.  Another night scene with the street lights and building lights adding to the atmosphere.

19.  A scratch built stable for the farmyard.  The figures were bought during a visit to Bakewell - hence the need to build the stable.

Clinker Hill
20.  Clinker Hill, made, as the name suggests, from clinker from full size steam locos.

21.  Santa arrives early at the SWR.  I made the Santa figure from Fimo clay - the tree is a Christmas decoration that was 'found' in the loft.

Play Train
22.  A play train based on one we saw at Bingsfos on the Urskog-Holandsbanen preserved railway in Norway.  The figures are from Model Town.

23.  A blacksmith's forge.  The kit was from Model Town - suggested by SWMBO at the first Peterborough show.

Play Train
24.  The blacksmith hard at work.